Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstract submission is July 10th 2016

All abstracts will be reviewed for relevance to the conference theme and for content. We reserve the right to turn down submissions. Preference will be given to papers focused on Neotropical Raptors. Papers may be based on empirical research or reviews of published data.

Writing your Abstract

Please note that abstract titles should not exceed 100 characters (including spaces), and abstracts should be less than 2500 characters (including spaces). We reserve the right to edit abstracts for punctuation and grammar.
Your abstract should contain 2-3 sentences of basic-level introduction to the area of study; a brief account of the background and rationale of the work; a statement of the main conclusions (introduced by the phrase 'Here we show' or its equivalent); and 2-3 sentences putting the main findings into general context so it is clear how the results may affect other researchers or the field in general.

Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract please include it as a Word document attachment and e-mail it to rwatson@peregrinefund.org.

Please make sure to include the following information when submitting your abstract:

  1. Presentation format: (whether you prefer to present your paper orally or as a poster)
  2. Abstract title: (Maximum length 100 characters including spaces; do NOT use all capital letters)
  3. List of authors: (First name, last name, number corresponding to author's primary institutional affiliation, below, in parentheses)
  4. Numbered list of institutions: (List by number the primary institutional affiliations of each of the authors)
  5. Abstract: (Maximum length 2500 characters including spaces)


Population Biology of the Ornate Hawk-eagle in Costa Rica.
Joe Black (1), Jan White (2), Jack Green (1).
(1) Boise State University, College of Natural Sciences, (2) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Endangered Species.
We studied the Ornate Hawk-eagle (Spizaetus ornatus) in three locations in Costa Rica....[remainder of abstract]